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Exclusive travel discounts for credit union members

Your Member Benefits

Exclusive Travel Deals

Access highly discounted non-public rates on hotels, cruises, vacation packages, rental cars, and more.

Travel Rewards

Receive $120 every year towards hotel bookings on our platform just for being a member.


1,200,000 hotels worldwide

Car Rentals

All major car rental companies in 25,000+ locations


40,000+ activities available


Cruises in all major ports around the world

Cash Back

Get 5% back toward hotels on all your travel purchases through our platform when using your credit union debit or credit card.

Price-match Guarantee

With our Price-match Guarantee, no longer worry about finding the best price.

Start Saving On Travel Today

Through our partnerships with CU's, you get free access to CU Travel as a loyal CU member.

What Makes CU Travel So Different?

CU Travel is revolutionary because it is the only travel platform built exclusively for credit union members. With our closed user group status and travel industry connections, you get access to non-public rates and unique rewards that other travel platforms cannot access. So instead of spending countless hours searching dozens of sites to find the best deals, you can use one platform and know that you are always getting the best deal. And through our partnerships with credit unions, we are able to give all credit union members free access to this platform which means you don’t have to pay a dime to start earning hotel cash, saving money, and experiencing more.

Tom Jones, CU Travel Member

“Since becoming a CU Travel member, I’ve saved over $2,000 every year on travel.”

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